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Soil Enricher is mix culture of useful Bacteria like Nitrobacteria, azitobactor, potash mobilising bacteria, phosphate solubilising bacteria (PSB),Nitrosomonaas, Actinomisis. It is a organic soil developer. It provides much quantity of organic carbon to soil therefore it increases soil fertility. Soil Enricher increases water holding capacity of soil. Soil Enricher provides good quantity of organic carbon and living organisms to soil so saline lands are slowly turned in fertile soil. specially in lime soil soli enricher act like hormone.

  • Category – Natural Fertilizer / Organic Fertilizer
  • Speciality – Product Certified as per NPOP Indian Standards by APEDA (Govt.of India)
                      Agency name – Greencert Bio Solutions Pvt Ltd.
                      Certification number – NPOP/IM/14818678
  • Content – Fish Meal , Neem cake , Karanji Cake . Bone meal
  • Usage – Soil Enhancers, Organic Supplement, Organic Nutrient Supplement.
  • Dose – 5 to 7 Bags per acre
  • Packing Size Available :- 40 Kg
Crop Stage of Use Dose
Pomegranate at the time of pruning 15 bags per acre
Grape at the time of October cutting 10 bags
at the time of April cutting 10 bags
Mango before starting of Monson rain 3 to 5 kg per plant
Sugarcane at the time of plantation 7 bags
4 month after plantation 10 Bags
Onion, Tomato, Chilly, Capsicum, Brinjal , Cauliflower at the time of Plantation 8 to 10 Bags