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SENCY is modern systemic larvecide .It is developed by using modern technologies. It is used to control chewing pests and caterpillars. It is completely Organic & Eco friendly (non residual) so it is useful for Exporter farmers. Active ingredients are Engenol and Plimbagine.

  • Category Organic Larvicide / Organic Pesticide
  • Speciality – Product Certified as per NPOP Indian Standards by APEDA (Govt.of India)
                      Agency name – Greencert Bio Solutions Pvt Ltd.
                      Certification number – NPOP/IM/14818678
  • Content Plant Extract
  • Usage – For control of all types of Chewing Pests, Larva’s, Caterpillars in all crops.
  • Dose – ½ ml ( half ) in per liter of Water
  • Packing Size Available :- 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml