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Almaas is botanical extracted fungicide .The components in Almaas are very good Fungicide and Bactericide. The key ingredients are Oynenthol Bisulphate – 20 % w/w and Heptoinic acid – 5% w/w. Almaas is totally Eco- friendly fungicide. It Stops respiration process as well as re-production in Fungi so fungal diseases control quickly. Being it is a natural fungicide fungi and Bacteria cant able to produce resistance power against it . so it is always safe to repeat use in same crop. It also gives very good results in preventive and curative action.

It is most helpful product for Exporter Farmers because it is 100% Organic .There is no any kind of Residue left in particular Crop.

  • Category – Organic Fungicide
  • Speciality – Product Certified as per NPOP Indian Standards by APEDA (Govt.of India)
                      Agency name – Greencert Bio Solutions Pvt Ltd.
                      Certification number – NPOP/IM/14818678
  • Content Oenanthol bisulphate 20% + Heptanioc acid 10%.
  • Usage – For control of all types of Bacterial blight, Black Spots, Anthracnose , Xanthomonas, Downy mildew ,Powdery mildew, Rust, fungal infections in all crops.
  • Dose – 2 gm in per liter of Water
  • Vegetable Grade Packing Size Available :- 25 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm
  • Grape & Pomo Grade Packing Size Available :- 1 Kg
Crop. Disease Dose
Pomegranate Bacterial blight, Cercospora, Coletotricum 1.5 gm / per liter of water
Grape Downymildew , Powdery mildew 1.25 gm / per liter of water
Mango Mosaic/ Tikka 1.5 gm / per liter of water
Banana Mosaic/ Tikka 1.5 gm / per liter of water
Cotton Anthracnose 1 gm / per liter of water
Rice, Soyabean, Groundnut Rust 1 gm / per liter of water